Dear Parents,

Firstly a huge thanks once again to all of our parents for all of your hard work supporting your children in these difficult times. Like all of us in school you should be incredibly proud of them this week. The return to school has been amazing and it is fantastic to see everyone’s happy faces and hear happy voices all around once again.

Our focus over the next few weeks in school is to help pupils settle back in and re-build friendships. Next week you have the opportunity to talk with class teachers about this and your child’s learning. Please do share any concerns or worries you have so that we can try to help or suggest other services available.

Once again, well done to all our children who have returned so well to class. Some are now getting pretty tired so I wish you all a happy, restful weekend and we look forward to seeing you again next week.

All best wishes.

Alison Banks—Head Teacher


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