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I love to read because you can enter a new world for a while. Reading lets you be different people and live in different places. 

-Kelsie, Year 4

At St Peter’s, we aim to create successful, fluent, readers who will monitor their understanding of what they are reading and review the text when something does not make sense. Every half term, each class will use a key text that is linked to their topic as a driver. This text is then used across a variety of lessons and disciplines. In reading lessons, pupils are explicitly taught strategies including inference, questioning, retrieval, summarising, prediction and activating prior knowledge. The pupils use these strategies to check how well they comprehend what they have read, and overcome barriers to comprehension. This approach is taught through a ‘whole class’ structure where a challenging text is shared. This text could be an extract from the class text, a non-fiction text, a poem or another literary genre linked to the overarching topic. Pupils develop skills in skimming and scanning, forming opinions, thinking aloud, asking questions, getting the gist, connecting to prior knowledge, inference and prediction. These skills are applied by the pupils with increased independence when interacting with texts across all curriculum areas. Pupils are exposed to a rich and varied reading curriculum which helps them develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

Class Texts 2021-2022

Class Texts: Year 1/2

Autumn 1The Way Back Home: Oliver Jeffers (Linked to Moon Zoom)

Autumn 2Where The Wild Things Are: Maurice Sendak (Linked to Dinosaur Planet)

Spring 1The Ghostly Galleon: Jonny Duddle (Linked to Land Ahoy)

Spring 2The Adventures of Paddington Bear: Michael Bond (Linked to Bright Lights, Big City)

Summer 1The Twits: Roald Dahl (Linked to Splendid Skies)

Summer 2Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone: JK Rowling (Linked to Towers, Turrets and Tunnels)

Class Texts: Year 3/4

Autumn 1Iguana Boy (Linked to Mighty Metals)

Autumn 2The Abominables: Eva Ibbotson (Linked to Predator)

Spring 1The Big Book of Blue: Yuval Zower (Linked to Blue Abyss)

Spring 2 – The Firework Maker’s Daughter: Phillip Pullman (Linked to Tremors)

Summer 1Horrible Histories Rotten Romans: Terry Deary (Linked to Emperors and Empires)

Summer 2 – Survivors: David Long (Linked to Misty Mountain Sierra)

Class Texts: Year 5/6

Autumn 1The Boy At The Top of The Mountain: John Boyne (Linked to A Child’s War)

Autumn 2Clockwork: Phillip Pullman (Linked to Frozen Kingdom)

Spring 1The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Conan Doyle (Linked to ID)

Spring 2Holes: Louis Sachar (Linked to Hola Mexico)

Summer 1Pig Heart Boy: Malorie Blackman (Linked to Blood Heart)

Summer 2The Secret Garden: Frances Hodgson Burnett (Linked to Allotment)