Inspire. Enrich. Achieve.

The curriculum at St Peter’s C of E Primary School focuses on a different topic each half term using a key text and Cornerstones as drivers. The key text is used within our English curriculum and links to the overarching topic. We then use Cornerstones to plan and deliver high-quality lessons in all subjects, both core and foundation, so that pupils complete the topic having used key skills in different subjects and having developed a deep level of subject knowledge.  

Over the course of the year children across the school will take part in a range of trips linked to their curriculum work and benefit from visitors coming into school. In addition, over the course of the year, we hold theme days and weeks to enrich the curriculum and cover our Religious Education Curriculum.

Please see below for an overview of our two-yearly rolling programme of topics.  

Click below to see the summary of curriculum themes and synopses by year group.