Inspire. Enrich. Achieve.

“My favourite subject is RE because I love learning new things about religions different to mine, and how people across the world are religiously different to me.”

-Alaina, Year 3

At St Peter’s our vision is to “Inspire, Enrich and Achieve” and in RE we take this very seriously aiming for all of our pupils to have access to high quality RE lessons. These are planned from the Leicestershire Agreed Syllabus and the Diocese Understanding Christianity Programme. Pupils are challenged to learn about a range of religions, non-religious world views and also consider some of the important questions and issues of life. In turn they will begin to consider their own thoughts and ideas about the world they are growing into. Our curriculum plans to inspire pupils through connected learning opportunities in a range of subjects such as art and DT as well as through discussion and more formal writing opportunities.

RE at St Peter’s is taught in 6 whole school RE focus weeks each year. This ensures that RE has a high priority; that at least 10% curriculum time is dedicated to the subject; and at least half of this is dedicated to the teaching of Christianity. The schemes of work are organised across a two-year rolling programme and is sequenced to build on prior knowledge and understanding across a range of religions. These connected curriculum weeks enable pupils to have opportunities for deep learning about religion and non-religious views through all curriculum areas. A range of enrichment opportunities and visits to places of worship are built in to enhance pupil’s engagement and understanding.