Pupil Quote

One of the more complex Christian Values, Justice, was discussed and unpicked by Year 6. They used the stimulus of ‘The Invisible’ by Tim Percival to help them comprehend what Justice was. They decided that Justice, deeply interwoven with Christian doctrine, embodies the pursuit of fairness, righteousness, and equity in accordance with divine principles. Rooted in the belief in a just and loving God, Christianity emphasizes the imperative to seek justice for the marginalized, oppressed, and vulnerable. Jesus Christ, central to Christian faith, exemplified this through his teachings and actions, advocating for compassion, mercy, and social equality. Christians are called to uphold justice not only as a moral duty but also as a reflection of their faith, striving to combat injustice and promote the dignity and well-being of all individuals, guided by the overarching principle of love for one’s neighbor as oneself