Inspire. Enrich. Achieve.

“I like music because it gives me a lot of energy and I get to dance and sing – It makes me feel happy!”

-Callum, Year 1

In our school the teaching of music inspires pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. Opportunities to experience and play music promotes team working, concentration and problem-solving skills, and developing identity and improving social cohesion within the school and wider community. We are fortunate to have a number of musically-gifted teachers, including a semi-professional choral singer; a Grade 7 Piano Player (with a upper Second Class degree in Music); and a semi-professional, post-Grade 8 clarinet player (with a First Class degree in Classical Music Performance).

Music is an integral part of life at our school. Music lessons are fun and inspiring, engaging the children with songs, lyrics and movement. We want children to feel able and reflective and expressive, developing their own appreciation of music with the opportunities we provide as a school.  All children are actively encouraged and given the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument whether it be within music lessons, or within the Year 4 ukulele lessons delivered by a visiting music specialist.  Away from traditional music lessons in class, we have tried to instil a musical culture throughout school. Every week, there is a different theme for our ‘Morning Music’, which has included (but not limited to!) The Beatles, Jazz, 00’s Pop Music, Classical Composers, etc! This enriches children with an opportunity to experience music that they perhaps would not have come across in their everyday life. Alongside this, music features heavily in our collective worship with a daily song/hymn and a focused singing assembly each week.