In this world, recommendations wield an immense power that often goes unnoticed. Whether it’s a friend suggesting a new restaurant, a colleague recommending a book or a streaming service suggesting a movie, these recommendations shape our decisions and experiences every day. In essence, recommendations act as trusted guides. In our parent survey during Ofsted, you were all amazingly positive about the school, and that meant an awful lot to me and all of the staff. I am now asking you for a favour. I would like you to recommend our school to any local families who live in the area or are moving to the area. School finances across the country are not where they should be, and the only way that we can   improve them at present is to ensure that we have strong pupil numbers. Often the best way to do this, is through the power of recommendation. So, if you feel strongly about the work that we do here at Peter’s, please mention us to friends and family! We want people to choose us! Thank you.

Mr B

To read more 7. 29 February 2024