Dear all,
Happy first of December! I hope you all enjoyed your first chocolate
from the advent calendar. If your house is anything like mine, we now
have mischievous elves on shelves running riot!
I had the pleasure of attending the AGM for our amazing WASPs this
Monday just gone. I would like to thank them all for the dedication they
put in to raising money for the school. I urge you all to read page 4 of
this newsletter which updates you with all the events they have organised over the festive period in school. The support they provide enables
us to continue to improve St Peter’s and enrich our children’s academic
experience. If you are interested in joining, please get in touch. Extra
help is always welcomed.
I look forward to seeing you all over the next few weeks around school
for these events!
Mr B

Click here 4. 30th November 2023