Dear Parents,

This week in school we have been pleased to welcome back each morning a small group of our youngest EYFS pupils. They have enjoyed learning in a slightly different way to usual but it has been lovely to see them happy and engaging with learning again. If your child is in the Tigers class and you would like to take up a part time place in school please do get in touch.

At the moment, due to limited staff available, we are really sorry but we are

unable to offer places to Year 1 or 6. If this changes though, we will of course contact you straight away. We also hope to be in touch over the next few weeks about your child’s report and classes for next year. Although fewer pupils are in school staff are all working really hard on transition plans and planning to support pupil’s needs next year both in terms of their emotional well being and academic learning.

Finally, a heartfelt request from all of the school team. We know that many

families locally are finding the financial strain of Covid 19 hard and that St Peter’s families are always incredibly generous at the end of the year and often give gifts to class teachers. This year we please ask that instead you consider donating to the local food bank at Badgerbrook school so that we can help others in our local area. Many thanks for your understanding and support in this.

Mrs Banks

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