Dear Parents,

Some important information about the end of this term and next year.


Transfer Day

On Monday 5th July, in line with current guidance, pupils will have the opportunity to work with their new class teacher in their current classroom. Ms Abbott will work with year 1 pupils in the morning and her Tigers class pupils in the afternoon as she has a mixed age class next year. Pupils will be supported by their current support staff and bubbles will be maintained.


Sports Days

All pupils will enjoy sports day afternoons in bubbles next week.


Year 6  leaver events.

On Friday 2nd July we will be holding a special TEAMs school assembly for Year 6. They will then enjoy their leavers party in the evening.

On Tuesday 6th July (last day for some due to Thomas Estley visits)

pupils may sign each other shirts and ask familiar staff to do so.

A link to the year 5/6 production video will be sent to parents as soon as it is edited. Thank you for your patience.


Next year

As yet schools do not have any government Covid information/guidance for next year.  We will let you know as soon as we can when this is published how school will operate moving forward.

I am sure like all staff in school you hope that next year we are safely able to return to a more “normal” school day with all the events we enjoy and enrich pupils lives.

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