Our Year 6 have spent several weeks completing their final preparations in the lead-up to
their SATs. Staff have been working hard to identify any gaps in knowledge and provide
additional support when required. Throughout the run-up to this week, the children have
demonstrated amazing learning behaviours, dedication and positive attitudes. Their determination to do their best is wonderful to see. Our children care; they are resilient and
keen to challenge themselves. We are all immensely proud of them and the efforts they
have put into their learning; they all deserve to do well. However, although the SATs are
important, they only demonstrate a fraction of what makes our children so special. The
short poem below reminds us of that:
SATs don’t measure music, or the kindness in your heart.
SATs don’t see your beauty, SATs don’t know your worth,
SATs don’t see the reasons you were put upon this earth.
SATs don’t see your magic, how you make others smile,
SATs don’t time how quickly you can run a mile.
SATs don’t hear your laughter, or see you’ve come this far,
SATs are just a only glimpse of who you really are.
So sitting at your table, with a pencil and your test,
Remember SATs aren’t who you are, remember you’re the best.
Our Year 6 children still have many exciting learning opportunities to come before the
summer holidays. As I write this, they are currently on their residential trip with Year 5,
our sports days, our secondary transition days, our leavers production, our Careers Week,
and our Summer Fayre and Leavers disco.
The summer term is definitely our favourite!
Mr B

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