Dear Parents,

A very warm welcome back to the new school year and what we hope will be a safe and smooth one for our pupils, staff and families. It has been a great start back and the highlight for lots of us is assemblies and singing together once more. I hope that we may be able to invite

parents to our Friday sharing assemblies again very soon!

I also just wanted to stress to you the importance of reading with your child this year. Many of our pupils did dip a little in reading due to Covid lockdowns and I read the following research this week which I hope will demonstrate the importance of reading at least 3 times a week—more is better!!

If a child is never read to, at age 5 they have on average a vocabulary of 4662 words. If they read 3-5 times per week they have a vocabulary of

169, 520 words. Please, please read and listen to your child read this year, it is key for all areas of their learning.

Many thanks.

Alison Banks


Click here1. 3rd September 2021