5. October 30th Newsletter

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4. October 9th Newsletter

Dear Parents,

As this half term draws to a close I wanted to say a massive thank you to all of our families. In these ongoing difficult times we have reallyappreciated your support in implementing Covid safety measures to try and reduce infection rates in school. … Click here to read the rest

3. September 25th Newsletter

Dear Parents,

School life continues to be both busy and productive with all of our

children settled back into their class and beginning to catch up on any key skills missed. We are really pleased to share with you this week

information on how you can be more involved in your child’s school life

during these Covid times.… Click here to read the rest

2. September 11th Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Once again well done to all of our pupils who have returned to school with such enthusiasm and enjoyment. We  are all so proud of them.

Over these first few weeks we have completed some assessments to

identify where pupils have gaps in their learning so that we can help them catch up as quickly as possible. … Click here to read the rest

Latest risk assessment

The latest COVID risk assessment has now been added to the covid information section of our website.… Click here to read the rest

Home learning

Due to the possibility of pupils being absent from school , we will be adding work to the website every week. To access this work please move your mouse cursor over the pupil work heading ( top of the page ) and from the drop down menu select the appropriate year group for your child.… Click here to read the rest

1. August 28th Newsletter

Dear Parents

I am so pleased to be able to welcome you and your children back to school this week.  it is fantastic to see and hear them once again, they have been sorely missed.

There are of course many changes that we must put into place for the safety of us all. … Click here to read the rest

1 July 3rd Newsletter

Dear Parents,

As we approach the summer break I just want to thank everyone for all the work and support you have given your children over the last few very difficult months. All staff in school have been impressed with the creative ways that you have adapted to encourage pupils to still continue with their learning.… Click here to read the rest

4. June 26th Newsletter



If you haven’t already done so please take a look at our twitter page. There is a link on the school website. All teachers have sent a video message to the children who will be in their class next year.… Click here to read the rest

Welcome to your new class videos

EYFS Welcome Video (New Starters)

Meet Your New Teachers (Current Pupils)

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